Attention Brunswick County Realtors

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Attention Brunswick County Realtors

As a real estate professional in Brunswick County, you will want to hear this news!

Nearly all popular vacation and retirement destinations offer homeowner services such as ours. Lakes Tahoe, Charleston, South Strand Myrtle Beach even… now Brunswick County has joined in the ranks!

Brunswick County Welcomes Atlas Premiere Property Services

What does Atlas do? The short answer is that we provide affordable monthly home maintenance and home watch services to primary and absentee homeowners in Brunswick County. This is in addition to our add-on homeowner services.

What does Atlas NOT do? We DO NOT compete with real estate agents or property management firms in any way.

How do we provide support to real estate agents?

Prep Properties for Sale – One call and you are done. Haul off, repairs, paint touch-ups and more.

Realtor benefit: Your listing “prospect” quickly becomes ready to move forward and become a seller.

*Absentee Homeowner Services – for this service our clients either have their homes currently listed or plan to retire here and need an extra set of eyes until then.

Realtor benefit: Keep your listings ready for showings at all times and gain a trusted partner on call to address issues that arise in the home. We know you are busy and we are here to help.

Plus, you can now provide your buyers with a professional service to protect and care for their investment until they can move here and do it personally. Have an easy solution ready for them!

Compassionate Service. Sadly, we all have run into situations involving personal situations and tragedy that make the sale of a home even harder than it needs to be. One call and Atlas will be there. In fact, the heart of our business is to help those that need a hand. We handle each and every client with care and compassion.

Trust your customers to Atlas Premiere Property Services

We invite you to call or email to learn more about how we can assist in your sales efforts by becoming a trusted resource to your customers or providing additional services to your current listing package.

Of course we also ask that you refer your customers any time we can assist them personally as well.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Atlas Premiere Property Services
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