TRUE STORY – A $25,000 “Case in Point”

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TRUE STORY – A $25,000 “Case in Point”

Yesterday we visited an amazing home. A beautiful golf course property, just shy of 3,000 HSF with large 2nd story patios. It is currently listed with a most professional and caring local agent. An agent that goes ABOVE and BEYOND his call of duty. (Read on to learn why.)

The home has been vacant for a few years and becoming overrun by pest infestations, spider webs everywhere and really needs to be spruced up. No biggie, this is what happens when a home sits empty! The trusted agent continues to show the property despite the issues and takes care of the home along the way.

In fact, the very day we arrived, he had received multiple wasp stings in an attempt to take down a nest before the next scheduled showing.

We spent about an hour with the agent doing a visual inspection of the interior and exterior. There was plenty of work to be done here.

But we weren’t prepared to hear what he said next!

Last year, a big storm and falling debris clogged the drain on one of the upper patios. Followed by more rain. And… more rain. All this went on unnoticed of course.

Fast forward a few weeks, the agent arrives for the next scheduled showing to find that the drain had become clogged and flooding occurred leaking back into the home. The entire bedroom floor was soaked and had fallen through to the first level of the home. Which of course resulted in the dreaded M word! The word that no homeowner ever wants to hear.

Months of repair and remediation and $25,000 later the homeowner received a clean bill of health and this beautiful home is on the market.

Vacant homes are quite susceptible to costly damage, which can occur in a matter of days or weeks. Most involve water damage and the threat of mold but there are various ways this can happen. While turning off your water in a vacant home does help. It DOES NOT prevent the many other scenarios that can occur.

Agents and homeowners – take heed. Homeowners insurance DID NOT cover the damage in nearly every single case we have encountered.

For $50 a visit (for most homes and situations) you can take this simple proactive step to monitor your home. Take this a step further and request more frequent visits or the added post-storm service for extra peace of mind. This service is affordable and worth every penny!

To the caring real estate agent that called Atlas… we would like to take a moment to appreciate all that you do for your sellers. The level of care that you personally show for this home does not go unnoticed.

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