What Can A Handyman Do?

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What Can A Handyman Do?

Perhaps a better question is… what can’t they do?

Many handymen spent years working specifically in carpentry, plumbing or even repairing appliances. The thing that truly sets a handyman apart from specific contractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) is that they just like the variety of work that the business allows.

What surprises most homeowners is how affordable and quick it can be too. All those repairs, updates, projects and nagging issues are easy for a professional.

Below is a list of handyman tasks that Atlas offers. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • TV mounting
  • Change door locks
  • Install your new garbage disposal
  • Swap out a faucet fixture
  • Fix your toilet or install a new one 
  • Replace shutters
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Screen porch repairs
  • Deck repairs
  • Hang mirrors and artwork 
  • Paint the shutters
  • Change your light fixtures
  • Paint the bedroom
  • Well paint just about anything…
  • Install beadboard and trim work
  • Minor electrical work
  • Change the ballast in your fluorescent light
  • Replace bulbs that are just too high to reach
  • Remove broken bulbs from sockets
  • Replace face plates or door knobs
  • Install towel bars
  • Update bathroom mirror
  • Lubricate the garage door
  • Fix that hole in the wall and drywall repairs
  • Basic home maintenance
  • Hang curtains or blinds
  • Change the water filter in your fridge
  • Change the gate latch
  • Build shelves
  • Put together that big desk your bought that is now laying in pieces all over the floor
  • Bunk bed repairs in rental homes
  • Remove and install new flooring
  • Remove and install bathroom vanities
  • Honestly…. I could go on for hours here. But you get the picture. Give us a call. It is as easy as that.

Handyman services are 

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